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Tublin 10 bag

Dry Aging of Beef How to use the Tub-Ex Tublin® 10 bag: Select a cut such as boneless strip loin or rib and place it in the bag. Use [...]


Chefs Everywhere are Going Wild for FormBox Whether you’re customizing a chocolate bar or creating a batch of custom pastries - the FormBox gives you the power to create [...]

the Juicer

Two types of orange juice at the touch of a button   Top Dutch designers and engineers challenged the status quo of today’s citrus press. We wanted to develop [...]


GLASS AND CUTLERY DRYER A streak-free drying for a perfect shine. Windry is the only automatic dryer capable of making shine glasses and cutlery leaving no halos or stains. The [...]

Coupe Set and Accessories

Freshly prepared - Peak performance “à la minute” Mince, chop, puree, whip, foam or mix: Extend the functionality of your Pacojet 2 and Pacojet 2 PLUS. The Pacojet Coupe [...]

Grow Light

LED grow light belongs to new generation grow and assistant grow light for plants. The big difference compared with traditional grow light, whether it is HPS or fluorescent or other [...]

MX 2

MX 2 enhances vacuum technology to the nth degree. Just choose the preparation you want from the touch screen and MX 2 will make it for you in a pouch, [...]

2020 Collection

Contemporary cuisine is not just eaten; it is also looked at and thought about. Very much so. Just like painting and photography, modern gastronomy has become yet another language one [...]


DRY-AGING MEAT A cutting-edge technology for the best patented dry-ager on the market. With Klima Meat we won a great challenge: to allow anyone to carry out a quality dry-aging in [...]


RIPENING CURED MEAT AND CHEESE A cutting-edge technology for the best patented seasoner on the market. With Klima Aging we won a great challenge: to allow anyone to carry out a [...]