super aladin

Super-Aladín® is the only manual smoker totally Work with your Super-Aladin® completely flat, preventing the entry of resin into your engine. Moisten the wood chips as you like metallic, resistent to daily usage or semi industrial.

Aladin 007® is the professional smoker preferred by barman of the world. The all-metal cocktail cold smoker with a chamber that allows smoldering of the sawdust without charring or giving off a bad odor from the smoke.

Aladin 007 1

Aladin 007 2






Aladin Aromatic1

Aladín Aromatic ® is the only multi-aromatizer in the world. Based on the technique of instant smoking, our aromatizer allows generation of aromatic vapors in an instant and controlled way using essentials oils, essences, extracts, alcohols, etc

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