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Precision Vegetable Cutting & Prep
The newest Generation of the anliker fruit and vegetable cutting machine is “thousandfoId proven classic” and recommended by famous Chefs and production plants worldwide. 50 years of improvements bring the «mother» of vegetable cuttings machine close to perfection. The knifes are hand sharpened and in Swiss made Quality. The «Drawing Cut» is responsible for the nice and clean slice, even on very delicate fruits and vegetables. The goods are undamaged, stay fresh, won’t oxidise and so retain their nutritional value and essential nutrients. The anliker stands for reliability, is maintenance free and needs no servicing.

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ANLIKER brochure
Anliker GSM Five Brochure


A Powerful Duo from Anliker
Employing a «drawing cut», the anliker XL vegetable-cutting machines always cut cleanly and ensure long-lasting freshness and an appetising appearance of cut food. What’s more, because the cutting discs are 240mm in diameter, high hourly throughput rates are achieved. The two anliker XL models are ideal vegetable-cutting machines for larger kitchens, canteens, hospitals and catering companies. the anliker XL is available in two models. the anliker XL and the anliker XL Star which has a rotating feeder tube and also performs «brunoise» and «gaufrette» cuts.

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Anliker XL Brochure

Precision Vegetable Cutting & Prep
Employing a «drawing cut», the anliker GSM Multicut 240 vegetable cutting machine istruly a «world star» in every larger kitchen, canteen, in hospitals, catering companies and at vegetable processors and convenience food manufactureres. The anliker GSM Multicut 240 combines top-of-the-range cutting performance, an exceeding high cut quality and ergonomically ideal user friendliness with an extremely wide range of cuts. The professional machine will easily complete brunoise, gaufrette, julienne, allumette, French fry, wave and cube cuts – as well as grate all manner of vegetable and fruit.

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Anliker GSM Multicut Brochure

Anliker Wedge Cutter
The FT 5 cuts into five wedges.
Tomatoes, oranges, lemons and limes are cut for decorations. Country fries are made from
potatoes, peppers are cut into pieces ideal for barbecue skewers. Figs or mushrooms can also
be cut to the FT.
Pull up the pusher, place the fruit in the center of the knife and push down. The durable
blades are sharpened by hand and ensure the highest quality of cut. The anliker wedge cutter
covers those types of cuts that can not be made on the anliker GSM, making it the ideal

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Anliker Wedge Cutter.pdf