brunnersBrunner Swissbone
Swissbidone is completely made of stainless steel and is therefore easy to clean. The cutter’s special design makes it very compact. The 6 litre bowl can be easily lifted out of the machine. The adjustable, variable drive speed allows gentle cutting or pre-chopping at only 400 r/min and finest emulsification at up to 3’600 r/min. The knives are made with a particularly durable serrated laser edge.The stainless steel lid has are fill opening with an observation window. The locking button also serves as impulse key. This permits adding seasoning at the end of processing.
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Brunner Swissbone Brochure

brunners1Brunner Profi Cut
Proficut P6/9 – the strong one with the turbo!
The Proficut P6/9 has a strong drive and is completely made of stainless steel. On the universal base unit, both a 6-liter as well as a 9-liter bowl can be used for a maximum flexibility. This gives the Proficut a wide and multi-purpose range of applications. Terrines, sausage meat, fillings, meat pies, tartar, sauce, and much more can be prepared in no time.
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Brunner Profi Cut Brochure


brunners2Brunner Meat Mincer, Combi Star
The Unpretentious and simple design of the BRUNNER Combistar captivates and animates the clientèle as well as the butcher himself. This shiny polished Combistar is designed to treat meat products right in front of the customer- visibly appetising, visibly hygienic.Mincing and chopping appliances can be simply and genially combined together to make up a show front of machines, incorporating those appliances which the butchers requires at any given moment
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Brunner Combi Star Brochure

Meat tenderising

Brunner Meat Tenderiser 
The professional appliance for butchers, rest homes and hospitals with high demands on hygiene and quality. The MST will even treat unhung meat within seconds to make delicate steaks or cutlets.
Two cutter rollers, each roll equipped with 48 knives of 14 blades each take the effort out of treating meat. Treatment with the 1344 blades shortens the frying time by near 70% and steaks no longer shrink when grilled – these are profitable facts.
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Meat Tenderiser


Brunner Nut & Cheese Grater
The PKR has been designed specifically for the batch processing of food by the trade. It is a nut and cheese grater that can do much more. It is also equally adept at processing chocolate, dried bread and vegetables. When it comes to cheese – it can take on the entire platter from mozzarella to vacherin and parmesan without the grated cheese forming clumps, crumbling or taking on a smeary consistency. The unique pre-rotation principle also ensures that nuts don’t become crushed or lose their essential oils.
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Brunner Nut & Cheese Grater Brochure