Freshly prepared – Peak performance “à la minute”

Mince, chop, puree, whip, foam or mix: Extend the functionality of your Pacojet 2 and Pacojet 2 PLUS. The Pacojet Coupe Set allows you to process fresh, non-frozen foods with unique benefits. Pacojet rotates the blade cutters or the whipping disk equally downwards through your fresh ingredients from the top of the beaker to the bottom, ensuring exquisite results every time.

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Coupe Set

2-blade cutter
Chops meat / fish, vegetables, herbs, fruit, nuts, and much more.

4-blade cutter
For farces, mousses, purees, terrines, spreads, sauces, herbal oils, and much more.

Whipping disk
For liquid ingredients: Creams and egg whites, fruit creams, milkshakes, mixed drinks, and much more.

Advantages of Pacojet Coupe Set PLUS:

• The repeat function of the Pacojet 2 PLUS expands the processing options.
• Individual programming of the repeat function simplifies work processes and saves time.
• The repeat function of the Pacojet 2 PLUS is available for all Coupe Set tools. With Pacojet 2 this function is only available for the whipping disk.
• Airier and even creamier consistencies thanks to the repeat function
• A whole new “melt-in-your-mouth”
• Emulsions reach a whole new level
• Pastes and farces are mixed even more finely and perfectly

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Maximum of possibilities
Standard und optional accessories. Well thought out and perfectly tailored to the requirements of pacotizing®: Pacojet accessories extend, broaden and enhance the range of performance capabilities.

Pacotizing® blade “Standard”
Included with the Pacojet 2 and Pacojet Junior

Pacotizing blade “Gold”
Optional accessories for the Pacojet 2 and Pacojet Junior

Spray guard with preliminary scraper

The spray guard, with its preliminary scraper, protects the internal elements of your Pacojet from foodstuffs and dirt.

Beaker lids

The beaker lid provides a tight seal for the pacotizing® beaker – an important prerequisite for hygienic storage. In addition to the standard white color, Pacojet also offers optional *colored lid sets in yellow, blue, red, green and gold for the visual organization of your kitchen in accordance with HACCP color-code guidelines.

Insulating box

The insulating box protects frozen preparations against unwanted warming during transport. It is recommended for buffet and event catering as well as for normal use in the kitchen, e.g. to pacotize® several beakers “seamlessly” in succession. The temperature loss is approx. 1 °C per hour at a room temperature of 22 °C when the lid is tightly closed.

Only for chrome steel pacotizing® beakers