Pacojet 2

Innovative features developed for Pacojet 2:

  • New colour graphic display and touchscreen with intuitive icons
  • New, revolutionary pacotizing features for fresh, frozen foods:
    -Whole and decimal portions -perfect for
    precise quantities
    -Optional air pressure mode with automatic
    depressurization -Pressure release during a
    processing cycle possible
    -Overfill rescue function -Pacojet senses and
    recovers overfilled beaker contents
    automatically without the need to thaw

New, special programs for processing fresh, non-frozen foods with the Pacojet Coupe Set:

  • -Cutting/Chopping -for tartare, farces, herbs, etc.
    -Mixing/Whipping -for liquid foods
    All without generating heat – a processing cycle takes just 1 minute!
  • Easier to operate and now customizable:
    -Comprehensive, illustrated instruction manual
    -Complete cleaning cycle shown on the display – visual guidance for simple and hygienic
    cleaning of the machine
    -Customization of user settings – customize your Pacojet 2 to fit your preferences and needs
  • Extended performance life:
    -Exclusive, Swiss engineered brushless motor with an extended 5 year warranty:
    outstanding performance and reliability, significantly more quiet and practically wear-free.
  • New international Pacojet 2 recipe book – featuring exquisite culinary inspirations created by
    Pacojet chefs from around the World
  • High-quality accessories with sustainable value
    – all Pacojet 1 accessories are compatible with Pacojet 2

For more information, view the PDF below:
Pacojet 2 System Flyer

Set Up and User


Coupe Set


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