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Chefs Everywhere are Going Wild for FormBox Whether you’re customizing a chocolate bar or creating a batch of custom pastries - the FormBox gives you the power to create [...]

Smallest Multifunction

Versatile, functional and require minimal space. It can batch up to two litres and pasteurize and cook up to 5 litres. Possible recipes such as Choux pastry, Jams, Yoghurt, Panna [...]

Tempering Machine

TABLETOP CHOCOLATE TEMPERING MACHINE CHOCOTEMPER TOP   CHOCOTEMPER TOP is an innovative tabletop tempering machine, with a capacity of 5.5 kg, ideal for bakeries, ice cream parlours, hotels and [...]


For Multi Purpose Spraying   The multiSPRAY provides the perfect ease for greasing baking sheets trays! It is the ideal time saving device for spraying oil, egg wash, sauce [...]


For Heated Chocolate   hotCHOC is the unique food gun in the market designed specifically for spraying heated chocolate cocoa butter mix! Developed in close collaboration with Barry Callebaut [...]

Volume SPRAY

For Large Volumes   Spray larger volumes, faster The suction tube extension allows you to feed directly from a larger floor based container With 90 W of spraying power, [...]

Confectionery machines

Cook-Matic Cook-Matic is a professional machine for tartlets. Cook-Matic allows you to form and bake tartlets with shortbread, savoury, shortcrust and puff pastry. Through the coupling of the two [...]

Chocolate Machines

ChocoHot ChocoHot One is a chocolate dispenser invented specifically for cake, ice cream and chocolate shops. ChocoHot One attracts the attention of customers thanks to its stylish design, and [...]

Babydrop & drop Plus

Babydrop Designed to be the smallest and most versatile machine for the production of cookies and pastry products, the new BABYDROP has the main purpose of satisfying the most refi ned and demanding [...]