Coupe Set and Accessories

Freshly prepared - Peak performance “à la minute” Mince, chop, puree, whip, foam or mix: Extend the functionality of your Pacojet 2 and Pacojet 2 PLUS. The Pacojet Coupe [...]

Pacojet Care Catering

The solution for all your care catering needs Create premium-quality meals from market-fresh ingredients while addressing special dietary requirements. Turn mealtimes into a daily pleasure for all guests Offer [...]

Pacojet 2PLUS

Perfection à la minute. The enhanced processing capability experts love. The Pacojet 2 PLUS takes pacotizing® to a whole new level. Thanks to the new programmable automatic repeat function, recipes can [...]

Pacojet Junior

Enter the world of pacotizing®. Focusing on the essentials.   With the Pacojet Junior we are expanding our product line with an entry-level model that exclusively performs the single, [...]

Pacojet 2

Pacotize® with a classic. The "must have" Cooking System for Pros.   The Pacojet 2 is an essential equipment of modern professional cooking. Pacotizing® involves the micro-pureeing of fresh, [...]