Insulated food transportation containers that preserve the quality throughout your cooking workflow. With high-quality snap catches, dishwasher safe up to +90 °C (with heating removed), for application range from -20 °C to +100 [...]

thermoport® Stainless Steel

FOOD REGENERATION, TRANSPORT, COOKING, COOLING AND SERVING. Discover the top-quality details that make up the Rieber thermoport®. Rustproof stainless steel as inside and outside material does not [...]

Gastronorm Pans & Lids

THE GN RANGE: The greater the variety of your dishes, tzhe greater the variety of requirements to be met by the cookware. This is why Rieber offers the [...]

Banquet Trolley

Rieber Banquet Trolleys offer exceptional build quality combined with a host of added-value features. These trolleys have proved so reliable that they are used by hospitals as well [...]