blu’tray & cloche for healthcare

Insulated tray systems for single food distribution > For hospitals, retirement homes and nursing homes > Suitable for outdoor use (e.g. meals on wheels) > For highest hygienic [...]


For the blu'line products, we have developed special transport options with which the containers reliably reach their destination: The blu'mobil board and the blu'mobil easy roll are both tailored to [...]


The blu'box was developed to meet the highest hygiene standards. The food transport containers are made of high-impact PP-C. They are easy to clean, keep the food warm and [...]

Banquet Trolley

Rieber Banquet Trolleys offer exceptional build quality combined with a host of added-value features. These trolleys have proved so reliable that they are used by hospitals as well [...]

Thermoport® Stainless Steel

FOOD REGENERATION, TRANSPORT, COOKING, COOLING AND SERVING. Discover the top-quality details that make up the Rieber thermoport®. Rustproof stainless steel as inside and outside material does not [...]

Tublin 10 bag

Dry Aging of Beef How to use the Tub-Ex Tublin® 10 bag: Select a cut such as boneless strip loin or rib and place it in the bag. Use [...]


GLASS AND CUTLERY DRYER A streak-free drying for a perfect shine. Windry is the only automatic dryer capable of making shine glasses and cutlery leaving no halos or stains. The [...]

Coupe Set and Accessories

Freshly prepared - Peak performance “à la minute” Mince, chop, puree, whip, foam or mix: Extend the functionality of your Pacojet 2 and Pacojet 2 PLUS. The Pacojet Coupe [...]


DRY-AGING MEAT A cutting-edge technology for the best patented dry-ager on the market. With Klima Meat we won a great challenge: to allow anyone to carry out a quality dry-aging in [...]


RIPENING CURED MEAT AND CHEESE A cutting-edge technology for the best patented seasoner on the market. With Klima Aging we won a great challenge: to allow anyone to carry out a [...]