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Display frames

Magneto Pro Self-adhesive Frame Display Pockets   The Magneto PRO frame display pockets protect, display and enhance all paper information. Their magnetic closing strips and wide opening features [...]

Logistic ID Pockets

Hanging Logistic ID Pocket with Straps   A hanging logistic ID pocket perfectly adapted to mesh panels or bars and conforming to TQM, 5S, KAIZEN and generally speaking [...]

2024 Collection

Contemporary cuisine is not just eaten; it is also looked at and thought about. Very much so. Just like painting and photography, modern gastronomy has become yet another language one [...]

Flavour Blaster PRO 2

Introducing the new and improved Flavour Blaster, the revolutionary hand-held machine that adds a burst of flavour and aroma to your drinks. Flavour Blaster has been designed by [...]

Jetchill System

The JetChill Dry Ice Twin Probe 2 Machine represents the pinnacle of innovation in the UK's drinks service industry. Its unique dual probe system enables the simultaneous production of dry [...]

Topping Dispensers

When toppings meet top notch solutions…Toppings make everything more yummy, everyone who's ever put chocolate sprinkles on their ice cream or toasted walnuts on their salad will be willing to swear [...]

Protein & Powder Dispenser

IDM is proud to announce its innovative brand of powder dispensers featuring a variety of designs and styles limited only by imagination, a limit we have yet to encounter. These [...]

Coffee Dispenser

The perfect solution that embodies everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee. Our coffee dispensers are very easy to use, clean, and refill; portion control mechanism to [...]

Cereal Dispenser

IDM are the proud inventors of the world famous cereal dispensers. It all started with a tiny workshop and a big vision for creating habits that are simple and [...]

Sterifold Antibacterial

Sterifold Antibacterial Wall Kit   On documents handled by numerous users, microbes, germs and bacteria can reproduce, transmit and possibly cause contagious diseases. Thanks to an exclusive technology, the [...]