A cutting-edge technology for the best patented seasoner on the market.

With Klima Aging we won a great challenge: to allow anyone to carry out a quality ripening without seasonal limits. Our seasoning cabinets have a very intuitive technology with a patented system for the ventilation and for the storage of the cured meats.

Klima Aging is a cured meat and cheese seasoning cabinet completely designed and manufactured in Italy using high quality components and a cutting-edge technology.

Each function is shown on the touch screen display with intuitive and personalized icons, thanks to which it is easy to check all the phases of the curing process.

The precision of the control unit allows a perfect management of all the parameters such as temperature, humidity and ventilation, which permit to reproduce the ideal conditions for a quality ripening, even without using additives.



The patented “V-O” air flow system is a unique technology. This system is one of key point that makes Klima Aging the most innovative seasoning cabinet in this industry.

The air is conveyed both horizontally and vertically throughout the cabinet, mantaining constant temperature and humidity in every part and covering homogeneously the cured meat. The asymmetrical forometry of the ventilation panel has been developed with the help of anemometers, in order to achieve the best drying process of all the products placed inside.

Patented ventilation allows you to avoid to move continuously cured meat and cheese inside the cabinet, with obvious advantages in the organization of work.



Klima Aging is equipped with a patented system of custom frames with triangular teeth that facilitate loading and unloading of cured meats.

These frames avoid the use of hooks and optimize the space vertically, solving the difficulties normally encountered in the use of the classic bars.
Thanks to these frames the entire internal volume of the cabinet is exploited, consequently increasing the productivity.

Even the handling of cured meats is facilitated: sliding these frames along their guides it is possible to remove or add more salami without touching or removing the others.