LED grow light belongs to new generation grow and assistant grow light for plants. The big difference compared with traditional grow light, whether it is HPS or fluorescent or other kinds, that is LED grow light can provide plants special requirement for different light wavelength and light intensity in their different grow phases to maximize the satisfaction for plant light necessity

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1. Light Colour: Warm white/660nm/440nm. etc.

2. Waterproof Grade: IP66 (KES-GL-002) / IP64 (KES-GL-003)

3. Lifespan: 50,000 hours.

4. Water-proof design, suitable for using in some special growing area

5. The lamp can be series connected and centralized turn on/off

6. CE-EMC CE-LVD FCC PSE RoHS Certification Approval.



1)Directly installing,suitable for new installing project

2)Internal driver ,designed by ourselves,with EMC CE ,UL Standard

3)Constant current driver with heat protection systerm,can work under unstable voltage

4)Good aluminum for heat dissipation


Product Name: Keisue Led Grow Lights
Input Voltage: 100-220V/AC
Real Power: 26W
Light Source: LED Grow Light
Measurement: L1250 x W26.4 x H27mm
Emitting Color: Red, Blue, White etc.
Waterproof: IP66
Usage Environment: Greenhouse, Indoor Garden, Vertical Farm, Plant Factory


Product Name: Keisue Led Grow Lights
Power Input: 100-277V/AC 50/60Hz
Power: 26W
Light Source: LED Grow Light
Measurement: L1250*Ф26.4mm
Emitting Color: Red ,Blue, White etc.
Waterproof: IP64
Usage Environment: Indoor Garden、Greenhouse, Vertical Farm