These units have been specifically designed to solve the problem of drying stainless steel and silver cutlery after washing. The highly absorbent sterilized corn cob (environmentally-friendly) product in the vibrating circular tank, dries the cutlery to perfection, the thermostatically controlled heating element keeps the granules
dry, the effect of the UV rays enables you to attain well polished cutlery consistently, removing water stains and reducing bacteria.

“CUTLERY” dryers offer foodservice outlets the ideal solution to dry, polish and sanitise cutlery.

Thirty years of experience in the field of manufacturing finishing machines have enabled Nicem to acquire the know-how required to design practical, functional and robust equipment.

The Nicem range of products offers complete safety thanks to full compliance with EC requirements, and the careful selection of materials and components.

Safe and practical thanks to the easy accessibility of internal parts, to the technical solutions adopted and to the careful design. These dryers are the best solution for a full compliance with the H.A.C.C.P. system.

The cutlery entrance chute in the upper right or lateral in the Mini, the front discharge in the middle section and the vanishing cutlery basket support of models Girl and Boy, the trolley and cutlery basket support of models Mini and Baby reduce the space required and simplify use.


Benefits for cutlery
– Removes water stains.
– Ensures a consistent finish.
– Reduces bacteria thanks to the UV lamp. – Removes traces of dust thanks to the fan.

Cost benefits
– Reduces operating costs and drying time. – Extremely low power requirements.
– Immediate availability of cutlery.

Operating benefits
– Circular tank coated in rubber or composite material which guaranties: low noise and fast flow of cutlery.
– Eliminates cutlery jams and scratching.
– Thermostatic probe for the adjustment of temperature and enhancement of environmentally ecofriendly-granules.

For more information, view the PDF below:
Nicem Cutlery Dryer