Why choose the Broiler method?

In both gas and electric versions, WeGrill uses technology to reproduce the most ancient cooking method: wood embers.
Traditionally, grilling on wood embers is the best of all methods, with temperatures and flavours other processes cannot achieve.


Professional grills for restaurants and for everyone!

Our appliances are designed and produced to offer grill professionals the very BEST service but in a format accessible to all.


The colour of glowing red embers

The energy of a red hot ember is transmitted by irradiation, generating infrared beams that cook foods evenly and to high professional standards.The fundamental factor when barbecuing is the power produced by the embers,which can reach levels which were, until now, NOT POSSIBLE by other methods.The vital factor is not transferring heat but IRRADIATING HEAT.

At the flick of a switch,within only 3 minutes the WeGrill system heats to 850 degrees,entering the portion of the infrared light spectrum that delivers the same cooking performances as a traditional barbecue.

Crispy effect guaranteed

In just 3 minutes the WeGrill system heats to the red hot colour of wood embers when they are ready for the meat.

Wonderful red hot wood embers, with that marvellous colour that can never be reproduced by other cooking methods, such as a lava rock grill or griddle.

And 850 degrees is the crucial temperature for the Mallard reaction, the effect we call crispy,with the external crust that seals all the succulent meat inside.The typical, unique flavour, fragrance and taste of barbecued meat.


Genuine barbecue taste

The infrared spectrum activates the Mallard reaction, which creates the Crispy effect: the delicious, crisp outside and the succulent taste typical of barbecued meat.

Your own Steak House,at a stroke

Stand out from the competition and offer all the exquisite flavours of a real steak house, with ease, with very little know-how and with no structural changes.

No more down-times

All cooking systems take a long time to heat up and have to be tended and kept hot. The Broiler System ONLY takes three minutes and you switch it off when you don’t need it..

No smoke

Our burners cook from above. Dripping fats and liquids do not come into contact with the heat source to produce unpleasant smoke.

Genuine savings

Reduce your energy use: you only switch the Broiler System on when you need it. You won’t have to buy kilos of charcoal and you don’t need someone on the job full time.



The new “E-Master” range uses the features that have made the WeGrill Broiler System amongst the most popular, best known in restaurants all over the world, to further revolutionise the Grill concept. The exclusive quartz lamps re-create the power and infrared frequency radiation of traditional embers.

With WeGrill E-Master, your Broiler Grill will satisfy the most discerning palates in just a few minutes. Less smoke in your kitchen, Grill cleaning in the twinkle of an eye and optimised running costs: only a few of the many benefits of the WeGrill E-Master Range.



The Highland breed is extremely hardy and can even withstand the glacial temperatures of Alaska (-40 °C), enabling it to survive high on the mountains even during the winter. This is one of the reasons why Highland cattle are often confused with Tibetan yaks. The Highland breed is short and lightly built. Like it, your WEGRILL HIGHLANDER will be able to fit into the small spaces in your kitchen, enabling you to achieve amazing cooking results.

The power of the infrared radiation will trigger Maillard reactions, producing roast fish and meat with intense fragrances, and your menu will include dishes worthy of a top grill house. The compact HIGHLANDER is able to provide an hourly output of up to 100 burgers.



WEGRILL HEREFORD, the most widely used of the WeGrill broilers, can handle a heavy workload for you but is still very flexible, since its infrared power can be modulated. The powerful infrared broilers provide you with a temperature of 850° across the entire cooking surface
– otherwise only possible with perfect embers, skilfully produced from the best materials.

The impressions and fragrances of a real US STEAK HOUSE. Your HEREFORD can provide you with an hourly output of up to 180 burgers.



ABERDEEN will provide you with unbeatable productivity thanks to its 3 burners, up to 21 kW. It will assist you on the busiest grilling evenings, maintaining superlative efficiency and quality. Your steaks will always be fragrant and tasty, and your grilled meat and fish dishes will delight your guests.
Powerful and tireless, ABERDEEN can even produce more than 250 burgers an hour.