StepGate II dryzone

The StepGate stainless steel personnel sluices are ideal for entrances to sensitive production areas. When entering, the soles are cleaned mechanically and by fluid using [...]

ProfilGate® go

Using ProfilGate®, this problem can be directly solved in the entrance zone! Up to 90 percent of the dirt adhering to soles and rollers can be removed, directly in [...]

Solamat (Industrial)

Solamat 90 Solid and compact dry cleaning The stable sole cleaning machine Solamat 90 has four brushes, which counter-rotate and clean the soles from below. Two lateral disk brushes [...]

Shoe Polishing Machine

Range of Heute products: Easy Comfort ( More Information ) Cosmo ( More Information ) Cosmo Plus ( More Information ) Ellipse ( More Information ) Elegance Couleur ( More Information ) Ronda ( More Information ) Quadro ( More Information ) [...]