Table Swing Ocean

Kenny Mac

kenny mack designs unique resin designs for the table & beyond... Working primarily in commercial grade resin, these unique and functional table-top designs include serving bowls, platters, trays and [...]


A LEVITATED CULINARY DISPLAY Amaze your guests with a true levitating presentation.Levitating plate locks in place, suspended magically without slipping away [...]


TEACHING MODERN PHYSICS, WITH ZERO RESISTANCE Quantum Levitation specializes in developing a wide range of innovative classroom teaching and learning aids for secondary and higher education. Our [...]

Warm Plate

A World First – The Warm Plate The plate warming solutions currently employed in the restaurant and catering industry are generally oversized, bulky, heavy, and energy inefficient. Trying to use [...]

Display Kit

WALL MOUNTED Tarifold’s display systems make vertical mounting possible for quick eye level reading. They are perfectly adapted for open spaces. Reducing space, they display information where it has to [...]

Hot or cold combiplate

Hot or cold combiplate GN 1/1, 2 x 1/1 and 3 x 1/1 Hot or cold combined in one plate. Temperature variable from – 5 °C to + 140 °C. [...]

Cream Machine

Mini Width: 220 mm Height: 400 mm Depth: 310 mm Weight: 20 kg Connection: 230 V/50 Hz or 280 V three-phase current   Grande 12 liter Width: 390 mm Height: [...]


        For wide range of trolleys View the PDF below : Deagostini Trolley Catalog Preset panel for displaying Buffet provided with supporting base and guides for accessories (accessories [...]


le petit buffet Lighting system last generation light  LEDS,cold, unlimited life, minimum power consumption (SES) Elegant and sophisticated refrigerated showcase Revolutionary circular design for 360 degree vision Working temperature range [...]