Glass Polisher

Glass dryers with five or eight brushes are ideal to dry all types of glasses. The drying system ensures maximum hygiene and gives a crystal clear finish, in addition to [...]

Cutlery Dryer

These units have been specifically designed to solve the problem of drying stainless steel and silver cutlery after washing. The highly absorbent sterilized corn cob (environmentally-friendly) product in the vibrating circular tank, dries [...]

Chef wear

Premier Collection - 100% Egyptian Cotton: Exra -Long Staple - Light & Very Fine Texture: World's Finest Cotton - Tightly Twisted Three- Ply Yarn: For Extra Solidity - Mercerized: to [...]

Goliath 2000

Goliath 2000 Type B is the result of over 50 years experience in the construction of ball burnishing equipment, combined with the latest technical developments regarding choice of materials and mechanics. The polishing [...]


Jonio Flexible (Made according to the norm CE ISO EN 20 347) A light, flexible, washable and resistant shoe, manufactured in one piece thought direct injection making process, originating a highly [...]

Retractable key holder

• Made in the USA • Rugged construction to withstand rough use • Light weight and pocket sized • Retractable chains are either stainless steel or heavy duty Kevlar cord [...]

Shoe Polishing Machine

• Powerful motors and heavy cases for increased durability and trouble-free usage • Different sizes available • Different modern designs available • Sensor with integrated timer allows for a non-contact [...]