EQUALS S (Table automatic canseamer )

Model S is a our new work that has overcome the design limitations of conventional table canseamer while maintaining precision. From standard cans to 195mm cans up to 32oz high, [...]

StepGate II dryzone

The StepGate stainless steel personnel sluices are ideal for entrances to sensitive production areas. When entering, the soles are cleaned mechanically and by fluid using [...]

Grow Light

LED grow light belongs to new generation grow and assistant grow light for plants. The big difference compared with traditional grow light, whether it is HPS or fluorescent or other [...]

MX 2

MX 2 enhances vacuum technology to the nth degree. Just choose the preparation you want from the touch screen and MX 2 will make it for you in a pouch, [...]

Tray Cleaners

Our tray cleaners are small in size, yet very powerful and highly configurable. This is what gives them a wide variety of operational scenarios. From small bakery's to industrial size fast [...]

Gas Grill

Charcoal Grill

Equal Can Seamer

Robust seaming roll & Chuck Easy adjustable lifter Stable drive lever for mass production For more information download the below brochure:   Available for different size & material [...]

Mini Series

Snoway Mini Series Make snowflake easily with fresh ingredients without making ice in the freezer Realization of freezing technology at -35 degrees Simple display [...]


Keisue Household Hydroponic Micro Garden 1. injection molded plastic parts 2.  ABS Food Grade Material 3. Used in the garden 4. Easy to use Enjoy planting [...]