K Pot

Excellent catering is no longer synonymous with big expenditure. Now the K|POT® democratises luxury. No kitchen infrastructure on site. No reloading of meals. No overcooked delicacies. No unnecessary energy consumption. [...]

Thermoport 3 Star

Thermoport® Kitchen Specification 2Discover the top-quality details that make up the Rieber thermoport®. Rustproof stain-less steel as inside and outside material does not just guarantee excellent insulation and consequently meets [...]


We no longer think in products, but in systems. Intelligently designed products simplify life and provide safety. Rieber thermoplates® – the fi rst saucepan in GN for- mat – is [...]

Gastronorm Pans & Lids

THE GN RANGE: The greater the variety of your dishes, tzhe greater the variety of requirements to be met by the cookware. This is why Rieber offers the widest and [...]

Thermoport 2 Star

Insulated food transportation containers that preserve the quality throughout your cooking workflow. With high-quality snap catches, dishwasher safe up to +90 °C (with heating removed), for application range from -20 °C to +100 [...]