Pacojet 4

Pacotizing® redefines traditional food-preparation methods from scratch. It all starts with market-fresh ingredients – herbs, fish, meat, fruit, and vegetables. Deep-frozen foods made with fresh ingredients are micro-pureed using overpressure [...]


Enhancing major cooking techniques ANAORI kakugama is designed to enhance all major cooking techniques: steam, simmer, poach, grill and fry with this one cooking tool, to make the [...]

bamix® cordless PRO

bamix® cordless accessories included multipurpose blade/whisk blade/beater blade/charger   bamix® cordless Colours black/white/red The new bamix® cordless. cordless Curious about the new convenience?   › High-end battery hand [...]

Roaster Charcoal Oven

Roaster Charcoal Oven Roaster charcoal oven is a combination of a professional open grill and an oven. It is being used by the most specialized chefs around [...]

Churrasco Rotisserie

Churrasco Rotisserie The Churrasco grill is an open rotisserie available in two dimensions countertop or with cabinet. It has a rotating system of six or [...]

Robata Grill

Robata Grill The Robata is an open countertop stainless steel grill available in four different sizes. Easy to use and clean thanks to its ash drawers, it [...]

Parrilla Grill

Parrilla Grill   The Parrilla is an open grill made of stainless steel available in two versions, countertop and with cabinet. Roaster Parilla boasts [...]

Chicken Rotisserie

Chicken Rotisserie   It is a type of closed rotisserie that guarantees perfect cooking of chickens and all types of meat and fish.The sophisticated planetary [...]

Heinzelmann CHEF-X

The Heinzelmann CHEF-X is designed to withstand continuous daily operation. It makes food preparation and cooking processes faster and more consistent than ever before, without [...]


AUTOMATIC COOKING OF SKEWERS AND ARROSTICINI the TRS-40, our best seller! ­The TRS-40 is an AISI 430 stainless steel charcoal grill, with a 40-piece rotation mechanism for automatic cooking [...]