Pro-Xtract Centrifuge

Designed with the busy chef in mind. Derived from our long running LED and LCD display centrifuge, spanning over 27 years of [...]


MATURATION, AGING, RIPENING, DRYING In order to satisfy quickly the new requirements of the sector: multitasking equipment, simplified man machine interaction, flexible and fast process duration, higher [...]

MyChef Compact Combi Oven

EXCELLENT CULINARY, CREATIONS,EFFICIENTLY, AND IN THE MINIMUMAMOUNT OF SPACE. MyChef ovens are limitless. They can carry out any type of cooking process: steam, grill, roast, [...]


[one_half_last]Ninja Here you will find dishes that can withstand the high temperatures of the oven and direct flame. These dishes not only endure the high temperatures of food, [...]

Electric Grill For Gyoza

BENEFITS •Cast Iron avoids the over heating and surface irregularity of temperature •A water stopper makes it available to boil dumplings well even if it is the amount for only a plate •The [...]

Gyoza Machine

FEATURE It is a super compact machine from the comprehensive know-how of TOA Industry Co. Ltd with its 20-year experience in producing and selling food processing machines in response to the industry. a) [...]


Model Name : TSM-07 Product Name: SAMURICE Model: Sushi Ball Machine Production Capacity : 2800 sushi balls per hour Remarks : 2240 sushi balls per hour when the size of [...]


Model Name : TSM-900RSR Product Name: ROLLING MASTER Model: Roll Sushi Machine Production Capacity : 2-4 roll per minute (Depending on the material) Body Dimensions : W38 x D60 x [...]


Smallest and Lightest Compact body Dimension W17 x D34 x H35cm Body weight 6kg [one_half_last]Production Capacity Produces 20 sushi balls per minute. *16 sushi ball for 26/30g[/one_half_last] [full_width] [/full_width] Simple [...]

Beautiful Lighting Effects

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