Cook-Matic is a professional machine for tartlets. Cook-Matic allows you to form and bake tartlets with shortbread, savoury, shortcrust and puff pastry. Through the coupling of the two plates, Cook-Matic allows you to obtain tartlets of various shapes and sizes ready to be stuffed and decorated as desired.

Cook-Matic, tartlet baking machine, is simple to use: just set the desired temperature, the time required for cooking, and press Start. An acoustic signal will tell you when it is finished cooking. The product obtained will then have the qualitative characteristics and taste of home-made tartlets, but with considerably lower production costs.

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Spray JelTop

The smallest gelatine spraying machine

JelTop is the smallest and most compact professional gelatine spraying machine. The main features of the Spray Jeltop are its stainless steel structure, direct extraction of the product from the gelatine package for easy cleaning, hose heated up to the gun so as to guarantee the correct gelatine fluidity at all times, new heating system, high quality pump, easy adjustment of the temperature and pressure in the front of the machine for perfect atomization. Spray Jeltop, compact machine for gelatine, is the ideal solution for every pastry laboratory and restaurant.

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Gelatin spraying machines


GUITAR, pastry cutter, is formed from a solid aluminium base and stainless steel frames that allow you to cut chocolate creams, the puff pastry, ganache, frozen desserts and pastry products with soft dough.
Guitar is available in 3 different versions: mini, single and double.

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