Gas Grill

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Charcoal Grill

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Equal Can Seamer

By |March 8th, 2019|Categories: Can Seamer, Misc|

Robust seaming roll & Chuck Easy adjustable lifter Stable drive lever for mass production

Mini Series

By |March 8th, 2019|Categories: Snoway, Misc|

Snoway Mini Series Make snowflake easily with fresh ingredients without making ice in the freezer Realization of freezing technology at -35 degrees Simple display and sophisticated design Powerful snowflake [...]


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Keisue Household Hydroponic Micro Garden 1. injection molded plastic parts 2.  ABS Food Grade Material 3. Used in the garden 4. Easy to use Enjoy planting fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens [...]


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KES 1.0-Product Function   Three Glittering Points 1. Intelligent control-temperature and humidity can be adjustable + inner and outer circulation which guarantee you get fresh vegetable and fruits. 2. Four [...]


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wavegap® is a machine designed and coinceived to best realize the technique of cooking at low temperature, with low specific gravity liquids, such as cooking oil. The wavegap® machine is completely automatic and [...]


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waveco® Induced maturation© The innovative technology launched with waveco® is called induced maturation© It recreates the food natural maturation, a process that food goes through as it ages and [...]

Pro-Xtract Centrifuge

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Designed with the busy chef in mind. Derived from our long running LED and LCD display centrifuge, spanning over 27 years of centrifuge manufacturing. Simplicity of use [...]


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MATURATION, AGING, RIPENING, DRYING In order to satisfy quickly the new requirements of the sector: multitasking equipment, simplified man machine interaction, flexible and fast process duration, higher performances, KLIMA Multi function includes in [...]