A brand new vegetable cutting machine ANLIKER L

The maintenance-free machine impresses with its simple and ergonomic operation and its anti-microbial glass fibre composite. The material meets the highest hygiene standards and allows easy cleaning in the dishwasher.

The Anliker L has more than 50 cutting inserts.

Our unique “drawing cut” geometry prevents the unnecessary loss of nutrients and vitamins, resulting in a significantly longer shelf life of the processed products as well as a long-lasting perfect cut.

Some highlights of the many product advantages of ANLIKER L are:
• Buying price ANLIKER L 2500 Euro.
• Cutting discs ANLIKER L are the same as ANLIKER 5.
• NEW: 45 % larger than average hopper insert and cutting volume.
• Machine stand and upper part made from patented glass fibre composite with embedded silver ions for more hygiene.
• High capacity output of up to 220 kg per hour.
• Optional «Double Shot» insert for long products such as cucumbers and similar. (continuous feed)
• About 50 different slicing options rendering outstanding cutting quality.

For more information, download the below brochure
Anliker L