bamix® cordless accessories included
multipurpose blade/whisk blade/beater blade/charger
bamix® cordless Colours

The new bamix® cordless. cordless
Curious about the new convenience?

› High-end battery hand blender with a working time up to 20 min
› Easy extractable, replaceable and sophisticated Li-Ion battery with no memory effect
› Battery Status indicator trough LED; ON / OFF switch
› New convenience in the kitchen
› More flexibility for cooking, no matter when, no matter where
› Fast charging
› similar performance than wired bamix®
› 3 controlled speed levels for almost all recipes and applications
› Compatible with all bamix® accessories
› Unique fast charger, which can be used horizontally
› Charger as design element which highlights every kitchen
› bamix® cordless PRO with longer shaft not only for professionals
› brushless DC motor, maintenance free

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