The only 100% automatic vacuum packer

Vacuum packing for cooking or storing food, impregnations, marinades, colouring or flavouring foods, deaerating sauces… All these techniques and much more at your reach with a vacuum packer: we present Mychef iSensor, a revolution in the world of vacuum packing.

In automatic mode, just put the bag into the chamber and close the lid. That’s all. Yes, you will achieve perfect vacuum packing without setting a single parameter and without any kind of supervision. And in manual mode, give your creativity free reign and perform all kind of gastronomic techniques.

With Mychef iSensor vacuum packing has never been that easy!

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Automatic vacuum packers

  • Fitted with state-of-the-art Busch pumps
  • Self-cleaning oil system included
  • Connection-free seal bar
  • Complies with CE, UL and NSF standards