The blu’box was developed to meet the highest hygiene standards. The food transport containers are made of high-impact PP-C. They are easy to clean, keep the food warm and have excellent insulation values. The blu’box is available in three sizes. The “standard” version is equiped with foldout carrying handles and two sturdy latch locks for higher carrying comfort. The containers are additionally distinguished by a high degree of flexibility. The  perating temperature range is – 20 to + 100 °C.

The modular system blu’box 26 plus


The blu’box 26 plus is a real all-rounder: It features one basic element for passive warm-keeping and four dedicated units for active hot holding, cool holding, beverage transport and refrigerated beverage transport. The basic element is available in the eco plus and standard plus variants. It may be retrofitted with the appropriate accessories at any time. It is suitable for GN containers up to the size 1 / 1 mit 200 mm depth (or subdivisions). The basic element can be retrofitted depending on the application with the appropriate accessories.


blu’box 26 plus hot


The blu’box 26 plus hot is equipped with a heating rod powered through the aperture on the front side. The heating rod can be used in two ways: Either in dry operation without adding water or in wet operation (water bath) according to the bain-marie principle.

blu’box 26 plus cool


The cover of the blu’box 26 plus cool contains a passive cooling system. The cooling element is located in a special cover, which is 30 mm higher than the normal lid.Thanks to good insulation from the outside and high cooling performance inside, refrigerant loss is very low.

blu’box 26 plus liquid


The blu’box 26 plus liquid has a capacity of 18 l. For the transport of liquids a special GN beverage container is used fitted with a high-quality outlet tap.

blu’box 26 plus liquid cool


For refrigerated beverage transport. Combination of cooling element in the lid and beverage container for transporting liquids.

blu’box 52 hot2 lite


The blu’box 52 “lite” system has a self-regulating heating system. The high-quality heating technology warms the interior of the blu’box 52 quickly and reliably to approximately + 80 °C. Easy handling is ensured via the “plug and play principle”.

Front loaded with convection heating 
> Self-regulating heating technology
> Dimensions: 639 × 500 × 560 mm
> Weight: 18,1 kg
> Active heating (500 watts)

Convection heating


The newly developed heating system is, in case of the blu’box 52 gn hot2, integrated into the door. The door can be replaced easily. The heater can be installed and removed as needed, for example for cleaning purposes. The retrofitting of older models of blu’box 52 series is possible. The technology warms quickly and evenly. The temperature can be regulated by means of a two-button system between + 20 °C and + 85 °C. A setting below + 20 °C results only in circulation of indoor air. There is a LED-display which shows the actual and the desired temperature on the outside of the door.