Grilling over a humidity-building water tray is just one of the many advantages of Rubbens Vaporill. A proven quality that users have been appreciating for many years. The Vapogrill is the efficient and easy way to delicious electric broiling:

– grilling of meat directly on the electric heating elements
– independently and individually controlled heating elements
– tilting heating elements
– rapid-heating stainless steel grilling elements
– meat and fish keep their flavour and weight without demoisterising
– thanks to the Vapo-effect, grilled food stay tender and succulent
– charbroiled look and flavour
– no flames, no flare-ups
– the enamelled removable water tray serves to contain the grease for easy cleaning
– after use, cleaning done by pyrolysis
– Vapogrill is CNERPAC, NSF, UL and CSA approved
– entirely welded stainless steel housing
– easy to move ; the Vapogrill fits almost everywhere.

For more information, view the PDF below:
Vapogrill Catalogue