It is a super compact machine from the comprehensive know-how of TOA Industry Co. Ltd with its 20-year experience in producing and selling food processing machines in response to the industry.

a) The product weight can be adjust acoording to
your request.
b) Ability to make various kinds of product, Suitable for the small production.
c) Equal Weight for each product.
d) Easy to operate; no skill required.
Just put a pastry shell in the machine, push the “start”
button and get a gyoza product
e) Easy to clean after use
f) Needs small space for installation

Height: 408mm ( 701mm, including the hopper)
Floor Space needed for installation: L225 x W343mm
Weight: 44kg
Electric power: 1 Phase 100V 65W
Space: 0.09metre square
Material: Stainless Steel, Hydro alloy
Capacity: 1500 pieces/hour