KES 1.0-Product Function


Three Glittering Points
1. Intelligent control-temperature and humidity can be adjustable + inner and outer circulation which guarantee you get fresh vegetable and fruits.

2. Four Layer-Three layer of vegetable planting , one layer of seedling/sprouts, Meet your demand of daily life.

3. Crop Rotation-shortening the time of planting and getting more vegetable in a short time.

KES 2.0

Product Name Keisue Hydroponic Plants Growing Vertical Farm KES 2.0
Size L686xW600xH1495mm
Input Voltage AC 110/220V
Rated Power 163 W
Frequency 50/60Hz
Light Source LED Grow Light
Usage Enviroment indoor
Emitting Color Blue,White,Red etc.
Intelligent Control Temperature& Humidity
Weight 110KG
Application Leaf Vegetable,Cherry Tomato,Strawberry,Bean Seedling/Sprout

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KES 6.0

Product Name Keisue Hydroponic Vertical Farm with LED Grow Light  KES 6.0
Input Voltage 110/220V/AC
Light Source LED Grow Light
Rated Power 450W
Light Source LED Grow Light
Planting Pattern Leaf Vegetable, Flower, Strawerry etc.
Measurement L1200 x W470x H1810mm
Weight 105KG
Usage Environment Indoor Garden Greenhouse/Resturant

KES 9.0

Keisue Hydroponic Vertical Farm KES9.0 For Microgreens
Input Voltage 100/220V/AC
Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated  Power 450W
Material Mental plate+Food grade ABS
Measuement  L1200 x W500 x H1810mm
Production Capacity 96pcs bamboo cloth,12pcs per tray with 8pcs tray
Light Source LED Grow Light
Output Voltage DC12V
Application Microgreens
Usage Environment Planting Factory/Resturant/Indoor Garden

KES 10.0

Product Name Keisue Hydroponic Vertical Farm KES10.0 for Growing Microgreens
Input Voltage AC110/220V
Rated Power 225W
LED Emitting Color Red,Blue,White etc
Light Source LED Grow Light
Frequency 50/60HZ
Measurement L61*W44*H181cm
Weight 56KG
Usage Environment Indoor
Application Microgreens