MagicArt: the new fantastic line of TTS trolleys, unique for its elegance, diversity of style, range of functions and attention to details: all the typical features of Italian design in the world. Made entirely of polypropylene, MagicArt represents the evolution of the traditional idea of hotel trolleys, as they can be completely customized not only in their single components but in their whole image. Thanks to important planning studies and the use of new technologies, the graphical customization of trolleys has no limits; with MagicArt you can print with a four-colour process any object or image directly on the doors of the trolley, making it an integral part of the environment where it is placed. MagicArt will help to strengthen your image, service and professionalism

Easy to fold
Hygienic as completely smooth and with no slits
Equipped with 2 fixed hooks and 1 removable
handle holder

For more information, view the PDF below:
MagicArt Poster