tektermplus1With the TekTherm+, you can carry out any type of cooking at temperatures ranging
from 30°C to 260°C. The difference that it offers with respect to other ovens is its high precision when cooking at low temperatures. This comes thanks to the Distform’s patented TSC (Thermal Stability Control) which is operative at temperatures below 100°C and offers an stability accuracy of ± 0.2°C. Therefore, we now have a patent that provides chefs with cooking control like never before.


cooking in stages
Cook in consecutive stages. The product should cook slowly to automatically give a golden end result.

cooking with a core probe
Thanks to the core probe it is possible to accurately control cooking points and to therefore always obtain the same results.

For more information, view the PDF below:
TekTherm Catalog

tektherm compact1Tektherm Compact offers a compact precision unit for cooking at low temperatures. With its reduced size, the TSC patent is ideal for sous-vide cuisine and for cooking at low temperatures and also offers the possibility of controlling the level of humidity inside the chamber. Its small size makes the Tektherm Compact very versatile. It can be quickly and easily installed in any corner of the kitchen,
according to the client’s needs. This is a perfect solution for banquets or catering services. Its small size and easy installation means that you can take it
wherever it is required. The TekTherm Compact is available in two models: with and without the sousvide probe.

For more information, view the PDF below:
TekTherm Compact Catalog