“The ultimate tool for flavor infusion and emulsification”

The PolyScience Sonicprep emits ultrasonic sound waves or “sonicates” to extract, infuse, homogenize, emulsify, suspend, de-gas or even rapidly create barrel-aged flavor. By applying low heat vibrations of sound energy, this new PolyScience machine provides you an incredible range of techniques.

The system is comprised of just four components: a generator, converter, probe and sound box. In any low-to medium-viscosity liquid, the probe tip releases rapid, high-frequency ultrasonic vibration waves that expand and collapse microscopic bubbles at 20,000 cycle per second. The process takes just 2-3 minutes and generates only insignificant amounts of heat, preserving vivid colors, aromas and nutrients, while producing rounder and smoother overall flavors. The short processing times provide maximum operational flexibility for chefs.

The SFX Series enables users to create and store up to 20 sample-processing programs. In Energy Mode, the power supply manages the processing cycle to deliver a precise, user-determined input of ultrasonic energy either continuously or pulsed. The unit automatically compensates for any variability, extending or shortening the cycle as needed to deliver the precise energy output

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Sonic Prep