Dry Aging of Beef

How to use the Tub-Ex Tublin® 10 bag:

  • Select a cut such as boneless strip loin or rib and place it in the bag.
  • Use a snorkel type or chamber type vacuum heat sealer to draw the air out of the bag and seal the bag. Only a light vacuum to ensure meat contact to the Tublin bag is needed.
  • Carefully place the meat in the Tublin® 10 bag onto a wire rack in a well ventilated cooler (the aging meat must have good airflow around it to age properly). It is best to lay the meat side down and the fat side up.
  • During the first week a bond will form between the meat and the bag and the colour of the meat will darken.
  • The meat should be aged for a minimum of 21 days. During this time it will loose about 10 % in weight.
  • After the desired aging period is completed, the meat can be taken out of the bag and the outer hardened surface must be trimmed before cutting it into steaks.

The smell of the meat is different, The Tublin® packed beef has the distinct smell of fresh meat, where as the vacuum packed beef is characterized by the lack of smell.
The taste of the fried beef is also different. The Tublin® packed beef has an unique taste and especially the very crispy fat has the taste of the good old days. The vacuum packed beef has a lack of flavour and has an elastic fat crust.