A streak-free drying for a perfect shine.

Windry is the only automatic dryer capable of making shine glasses and cutlery leaving no halos or stains. The patented system minimizes the risk of breaking glasses and improves manpower usually necessary for manual drying.

Windry is the first patented dryer in the Ho.Re.Ca. market completely engineered and built in italy, using high quality components and cutting-edge technology.

Its chassis made in stainless steel AISI 304 is synonymous of quality and robustness, while the display with easy and intuitive controls makes its operation easy and accessible to anybody.

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Did you know that…


Independently from the washing/drying technology and the detergent used, the water quality is a key factor to achieve a perfect result.

Windry is able to reduce up to 90% the drying time and to exalt the washing quality, leaving shining glasses and cutlery, but it’s not able to remove itself limestone and mineral residues.

For this reason most of the customers who chooses to use Windry has already connected an osmotic system to his dishwasher, like happens with Hobart, Winterhalter, Rhima, etc.