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608, 2017

MyChef Compact Combi Oven

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EXCELLENT CULINARY, CREATIONS,EFFICIENTLY, AND IN THE MINIMUMAMOUNT OF SPACE. MyChef ovens are limitless. They can carry out any type of cooking process: steam, grill, roast, [...]

1606, 2017


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A LEVITATED CULINARY DISPLAY Amaze your guests with a true levitating presentation.Levitating plate locks in place, suspended magically without slipping away [...]

1606, 2017


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TEACHING MODERN PHYSICS, WITH ZERO RESISTANCE Quantum Levitation specializes in developing a wide range of innovative classroom teaching and learning aids for secondary and higher education. Our [...]

2408, 2015


By |August 24th, 2015|Categories: Kitchen|Comments Off on Plates

[one_half_last]Ninja Here you will find dishes that can withstand the high temperatures of the oven and direct flame. These dishes not only endure the high temperatures of food, [...]

1408, 2015

Warm Plate

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A World First – The Warm Plate The plate warming solutions currently employed in the restaurant and catering industry are generally oversized, bulky, heavy, and energy inefficient. Trying to use one [...]

1208, 2015

Electric Grill For Gyoza

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BENEFITS •Cast Iron avoids the over heating and surface irregularity of temperature •A water stopper makes it available to boil dumplings well even if it is the amount for only a plate •The [...]