Professional Flavouring Smoker

Super Aladín© is the unique manual metallic smoker, resistant to daily or semi-industrial use. Its aluminium propeller ensures a total heat resistance. Unlike other smokers, Super Aladín© has a large combustion tank that will allow you to burn other components than sawdust, like small splinters or fine hardwood chips. etc.

The new Super Aladín© engine design, avoids the entrance of oils and resins into the engine increasing the strength and durability of it.

Aladín Station

Work with your Super Aladín® in a flat position, preventing resin from entering the engine. An easy way to control the humidity of the sawdust!

Aladín Chips

Aladin Chips® is our new original selection of pure wood sawdust with low resine content for cold smoking. Smoke any kind of food, enhancing and strengthening its natural flavor. Now you can chose the ideal smoke pairing for every preparation: sweet, floral, fruity, intense, neutral, and so on.

Aladín Aromatic


Aladín Aromatic® is the only multi-flavourer in the world. Using essetial oils, extract of alcohol. Making the most of the technique of instant smoking, our aromatizer creates controlled scented vapors in the blink of an eye.