With our traditional Yogurt package you have a new and original way to present your tasting menus or catering: mousses. foams. royal. creams. puddings. yogurts creative etc. Glass containers with a capacity of 120 ml. very resistant even to oven cooking or bain marie.



Ice Bowl is a double-walled bowl made of borosilicate glass. Ideal for filling with water and freezing, forming a compact ice bowl for serving any cold soup, ice cream, shellfish salad, etc. Its big size significantly decreases the water loss.


Aluminium tubes

Mini throw-away aluminium tubes with dispenser, perfect for filling them with aromatized honeys, creams, thick juices, creative mayonaises, etc. Easy to fill, they allow to serve mono-doses in any catering. Several sizes, colours, shapes, caps…



Mini Nitro Teppan is the smallest liquid nitrogen griddle in the market. A fast griddle to cook with liquid nitrogen on the customer’s table or to perform in cocktail bars. With its capacity of just 300 ml, it allows reaching temperatures of -100 °C in just a couple of minutes.