Millennium Hinged Cover Chafers & Marmites
• All Chafers are Induction ready
• Effortless Balanced Covers,
Stop in any position
• Condensation Retrieval System
• Standard Food Pans (Included with all Chafers)
• Smaller and Lighter than Rolltops
• 100% silver soldered/welded frames

Millennium Heater Stands & Butane Cover-Ups
• Interchangeable Aluminum and Grill Tops!
• Grills can be used for display cooking with sterno or butane stoves.

Millennium Rolltop Chafers
• Patented Balanced Cover
• Effortless Opening
• Stops in any position
• Never slams back
• Never needs adjustments
• Condensate return
• Easily removable cover
• Standard Food Pans included

Millennium Urns and Juicers
• Upgrade to our Alumnum Heat Regulator option to control coffee
temperature and improve flavor!
• Electric Heat Available on Sterno Urns (110v and 220v)

For more information, view the PDF below:
Millenium Range Catalog