MX 2 enhances vacuum technology to the nth degree. Just choose the preparation you want from the touch screen and MX 2 will make it for you in a pouch, jar or container in just a few minutes.

Do you want to marinate the meat for a succulent stew? It just takes a few minutes with a vacuum cycle specially designed by a team of chefs.
Do you have guests and want to offer them a fragrant limoncello? You don’t have to think about it weeks in advance. In just a few moments you can have a lemon infusion with perfect alcohol content.
Are you a barman? Do you want to impress everyone with sophisticated cocktails? Prepare the drink bases by just touching the touch screen and serve them at the counter to your customers.

All this thanks to MX 2, where vacuum technology becomes a bonus in the kitchen. Prepare your pouches and jars and make the most of them by cooking them at low temperatures.

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The advantages of having it in your kitchen


Infusions, marinades and cocktails
MX 2 offers much more than just vacuum technology in pouches, jars and bottles: infusions, marinades, cocktails and recipes in just a few moments.

WiFi and Bluetooth
WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity: just touch the touch screen or your smartphone to program the perfect vacuum cycle for your preparations.

MX 2 adds a touch of design to your kitchen because it is attractive and can be customised with your favourite colour.

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